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Editing. The bane of life for many writers. It’s like a stealth attack – you write the last word of your essay and congratulation yourself because it’s finished, and then bam! You see it’s not finished. It’s not even close. Because you now need to start editing.

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You sit down and think to yourself “ok, I have to edit my essay, it’s not so bad” but then you realise you don’t know where to start. And your stress levels fly straight back up.

It’s good news then that we offer an online editing service that takes the pain out of editing for you.

Editing Service

When it’s time to start editing, it’s time to call in the professionals, and Lia Help are the best of the best. Our editing services are second to none.

We offer a full editing service including the three stages of editing – copy editing, line editing and proof reading.

Lia Help use only native English speakers, many of whom are from Australia so you can be sure they have a full command of the language and understand common usage phrases and sentence structure.

Our team start with a copy edit – this ensures that the paper flows well and cohesively. Next, they run a line edit, ensuring that each separate sentence is as strong as it can be. This includes making sure words aren’t over used, that your grammar is correct and that each sentence is readable and makes sense as a stand-alone line. And finally, they proof read your paper, ensuring there are no typos, punctuation errors, or spelling mistakes. Only then do they see your paper as ready to use.

Edit My Papers for Me

The process of getting your papers edited couldn’t be simpler. Simply send us the document you want editing along with your academic level and the deadline and we will send you back a professionally edited paper that will make your ideas stand out for all the right reasons.

Our academic editing services are highly acclaimed, and our customers trust us to do a good job. That’s why they return to us over and over again, and that’s why they leave us the fantastic testimonials that they do. Do be sure to check out what our customers have to say about our services. What better way to judge our abilities than by reading the words of someone we have already helped to succeed academically.

When you have finished your essay, and are ready to make it really pop, get in touch with us and we will make it happen. You’ve put the time and the effort into the paper, now hand it over to the professionals to ensure that none of that time and effort, and none of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into it are wasted.

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On-time delivery

Every deadline is met

Our team knows and understands the importance of urgency requirements and delivers your academic papers when you need them. No worries, your order will be there on time.


Zero tolerance to plagiarism

We have a strong policy against any kind of plagiarism and always properly cite all used sources of information. Every order is written from scratch, properly formatted and checked.









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