Security and Privacy Policy in Australia

Purpose of standardization

Information is a valuable asset for any business that can play a vital role in making or breaking the organization. The purpose of standardized security and privacy policy is to help organizations select from a broad range of information security recommendations and risk assessments to suit to business purpose and scope. The standardization series include the best practices in evaluating risks, management and implementation of security policy and maintaining, controlling and updating of organization’s security system and privacy policy in order to avoid information theft or data leakage. Industries and organizations, especially banks, healthcare industries are legally bound to implement proper security policies and resources in order to protect their valuable data. The purpose of security standard is to provide guidance, information and update regarding the adequate security level for the organization.

The benefit and need of standards in security and privacy policy

A series of standards in security and privacy policy is helpful for organizations in the assessment of their current security policy, risks and threats to their information and provide a guideline in selecting the best possible and affordable security and privacy solution, while maintaining integrity and standard with modern advancement. Without any standard, it is hard to deploy a systematic, full proof, state-of-the art security system that can baffle security threats and data theft attempts.

Series of Standards

ISO 27000-series

ISO 27000-series of standards have been published by two renowned technical standard organizations, namely International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electro technical Commission (IEC). It is one of the most popular practice security standards in action today. It provides information security standards for all sorts of business, commercial, government and non-government organizations.

This standard is related to government, legal security and privacy policy in that organizations, which are obliged to follow these standards in employing their security standards with a view to get legal and government intervention in case of any illegal security violations.  Australia and the United Kingdom follow the standards in their security and privacy policy, which they have mentioned in their product specifications, system implementation documentations and Information Security Manual (ISM). They have mentioned it to provide users and system administrators a general idea about the standards that are recommended across the country. British Standard Institute is recognized for the publication of the predecessor standards of ISO 27000 standards.

15408 Trusted System

15408 Trusted System is set of standards that define a set of criteria for systems and devices to become trusted and reliable in order to be implemented in an information system. Organizations usually prefer using system sand devices that are 15408 Trusted System certified for the sake of data security.

Government and legal authority is not likely to take any claims or preventive measures if an organization fails to maintain 15408 standards in their system devices. Australia and the United Kingdom follow the standard in their security and privacy policy, which they have mentioned in their product specifications. They have to mention this in order to get legal and governmental intervention as well as to claim insurance of their data in case of any security breach.
ISO business continuity management

This is the de facto standard in the field of security standards and privacy policy that regularly updates industry standards regarding the security and privacy policy. It helps businesses keep up-to-date with their security implementation.

Government legal security and privacy policy checks the existing security policy in place in business organizations with a view to resolve any cases concerned with data theft or security breach. They recommend integrity and continuity in business security management. Australia and UK define their security policies mentioning these standards and with a view to confirm that integrity and continuity in business management are maintained.
ISO 31000 – Risk Management a

The ISO 31000 defines set of standards for systematic evaluation of risks prevailing in information system of an organization and provides guidelines for the management of the risk. Industries are responsible for meeting the standards with a view to minimize security threats and risks. Government security and privacy policies are inclusive of detailed risk management schemes in order to avoid high-risk situations. The two countries under consideration include this ISO 31000 in their business security manuals so that every organization can systematically assess the security risks that are posing threat to organizations.


The proliferation of information technology and implementation of extensive security and privacy policies to secure data make it essential to create and publish industry standards for organizations. 

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