The Australian Business Culture

This study will be based on Australia since the country has positive lessons to look upon. It is worth noting that Australia has the lowest ration of debt compared to the other western countries such as Germany and United States. To the nation’s GDP it is 23.6% as per 2010 (OECD, 2011), which obviously means that the country is doing well in terms of businesses.

The main objective of this study is to assess the communication culture in Australia. Australia has different races and therefore global business professionals are expected to at least know the most common languages. Moreover, communication entails the signs in conversation, the different meaning of words, including both verbal and non-verbal, it can even cost a professional business deal.

This research also aims at Australian ethics especially the various organizations’ employee-management relations. During the studying process some of the companies were visited and it was evident that the employees in Australia relate equally with their employees in whom there is decentralized decision making. How do they ensure this works and which avenues do they use for communication. It is important to learn how the employees relate to the customers.

This research’s goal is to learn about the values and attitude of Australian culture. What are the norms and beliefs of the people? What do they consider ethical?

As it is known, Australia consists of different races and social status; this study will also address the equality in the job market in terms of gender and races. Are there discrimination issues? And if there are, to what extent are they serious? Everyone should remember that the social status also influences the views on businesses.

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