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What Is A Word Counter?

For anyone who hasn’t installed Microsoft Word, an online word counter is where you can go to check how many words or characters are in a text. This is a quick and efficient way of checking you meet requirements for essays or papers, without needing to download or pay for any programmes onto your computer.   

How Does It Work

You can simply type or copy and paste your writing straight into the text box. You will then see two figures at the bottom of the screen, one for the number of characters, the other for the number of words. 

Why Use A Word Counter?

As working on the go becomes increasingly common, millions of people need to check their word count on a mobile device – and that’s where this can help. Whether you’re a student, a journalist, a secretary, or any other number of professions, the time may come when you need to keep track of your work while you’re on the move. Rather than downloading apps or simply hoping for the best and submitting work anyway, you can simply copy and paste your work into this word counter. Make your commute as productive as possible by using this word counter to check documents, making sure they’re good to go by the time you get to work or school.


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